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Welcome to the Seattle Soccer Referee Association. We provide licensed referees to matches in the general vicinity of Seattle, Washington. If you'd like a little more background information about us, check out the Information segment of our Site.


If you are a new referee, or are new to Seattle, Register Here.

Are you interested in becoming a referee? Start here-> with the Washington State Referee Committee->

The Laws of the Game-> and the US Soccer Referee Program-> are helpful resources for Referees, Coaches, Players and Spectators.

Please see the Professional Referee Organization-> for current MLS assignments and useful analysis of the game and current issues.

Finally, please see FIFA-> for general information about the game in its international context.

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Sunday April 12th, 2015

Yellow/Red Card Report Writing 101
GREAT RESOURCE: Please click on the arrow to watch the USSF "Report Writing" PowerPoint from the Grade 7 upgrade clinic...Going

Wednesday April 8th, 2015

Don't see any games? See this important announcement:
We've added "Authority" to the Referee > Match Inquiry. If you don't see any in your default search results, please select "All" from th...

Monday March 9th, 2015

Grade 7 Clinic on May 16 in Seattle. New upgrade clinic has been added for May. Officials working older age select/premier centers as well as adult matches are expected to be grade 7 or higher...

Thursday February 5th, 2015

New Policy Change on Adult Player Passes
As of January 1st 2015 the distinction between single league and unlimited play WSASA player cards has been removed. This means any unexpired WSASA ca...

Saturday August 9th, 2014

New RMA Instructions
The Washington Youth Soccer risk management program requires all match officials including coaches, managers and referees to gain clearance through a national background ...Going

Friday June 13th, 2014

Remember, always check the website and your match assignments within 24 hours of the match and you must complete a match report within 48 hours of the match completion or face possible non pay...

Saturday April 5th, 2014

Direct Deposit is the way to go! SSRA has a convenient Direct Deposit program - instead of waiting to receive a check, your match fees can be deposited DIRECTLY into your bank account!