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Welcome to the Seattle Soccer Referee Association. We provide licensed referees to matches in the general vicinity of Seattle, Washington. If you'd like a little more background information about us, check out the Information segment of our Site.


January LOTG Points of Emphasis - Fouls and Challenges Law 13


An attacker runs with the ball towards the opponents’ goal.

A defender first pushes the attacker (outside the penalty area) and then

deliberately trips the opponent (this second contact is inside the penalty area).

What is the correct decision?


The Referee applies advantage for push and awards a penalty kick for the tripping offense which occured inside the penalty area.

If the tripping offense stopped a promissing attack or denied the attacker an obvious goal scoring opportunity, the defender would receive the appropriate disciplinary sanction. 


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If you are a new referee, or are new to Seattle, Register Here.

Are you interested in becoming a referee? Start here-> with the Washington State Referee Committee->

The Laws of the Game-> and the US Soccer Referee Program-> are helpful resources for Referees, Coaches, Players and Spectators.

Finally, please see FIFA-> for general information about the game in its international context.



What's New?
State Cup Rules Highlights

State Cup Rules Highlights: complete rule set linked at bottom

* U12s -- Yes heading is allowed, No Build Out Line, Offside at halfway line, Yes keepers can punt the ball

Referee Training Wednesday 2.8

2.8 (Wednesday) is our next Training Session of the year! We’ll be talking about managing the technical area with coaches and dissent.

Location: Ballard Library with dinner at 5:...

Sunday Night LIVE: Weekend Review 645p

Sunday Night LIVE: Weekend Review 645p

We designed this forum from your feedback wanting resources for input, tips and discussion. Our leadership team will be hosting weekl...Going

Referee Coaching/Mentoring Opportunities

Seattle Coaching/Mentoring - if you are interested in partnering with us developing referees at each level (new, intermediate, advanced) there is a place for you. Reach out to our Referee Dev...Going

Referees - Profile Photo needed to Self Assign

New(er) Referees Profile Photos Needed

Profile photos are now required to utilize Self Assigning. This will help your peers recognize you at the field and will help our Leadership ...

Dealing With Problem Parents, Coaches and Players

We have had an unusual number of unpleasant incidents with coaches and sidelines lately. Your assignors goal is to reduce these problems and make refereeing more enjoyable. In order to do tha...

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New Rules RCL U12s - please review Player Development Initiatives

New rules for RCL U12 age group - they have updated their playing rules for the U12 age group to be included within the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives Policy. Please review the att...Going

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