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Welcome to the Seattle Soccer Referee Association. We provide USSF Referees to matches throughout the greater Seattle region. If you'd like a little more background information about us, check out the Information segment of our Site.



February LOTG Points of Emphasis - Fouls & Misconducts: Utilizing FIFA Considerations

Referee Pursuit : -Tues Feb 20 Advanced Referee Training Dinner/Discussion

Practice Advice for Referees: These considerations will assist you to take decisions in match situations based on the principles of The Laws of the Game. Additionally this publication will help in identifying the appropriate reasons as stated in the Laws of the Game for cautionable and sending-off offences.

Download FIFA Considerations

Find out more: Download the official IFAB app:   /




If you are a new referee, or are new to Seattle, Register Here.

Are you interested in becoming a referee? Start here-> with the Washington State Referee Committee->

The Laws of the Game-> and the US Soccer Referee Program-> are helpful resources for Referees, Coaches, Players and Spectators.

Finally, please see FIFA-> for general information about the game in its international context.



What's New?
New Referees & Parents of New(er) Referees - Orientation Sunday

New(er) Referees & Parents of New(er) Teen Referees
We are hosting an orientation session for New(er) Referees for both teens and parents and any new adult referees too. Sunday Feb 25 o...Going

FIT-urary - Fitness Training Every Wednesday

Referee Pursuit - Fitness Training Wednesday's
These Wednesday night workouts are lead by Personal Trainer & PRO Referee - Adorae Monroy!
Recovering from injury - need some motivat...Going

Referee Pursuit: US Soccer Women's Referee Initiative

** NEW US Soccer Women's Referee Initiative **
Hello Ladies of greater Seattle area! I want to take a minute and make sure you heard about a new initiative from US Soccer. This is a fa...Going

Referee Pursuit: Sunday Night Mentoring Group - 615p Zoom

Sunday Night Mentoring Group: 615p
The purpose of mentoring is to grow by tapping into the knowledge and experience of someone further along than yourself. It's the best way to acceler...Going

Referee Pursuit: February Point of Emphasis - FIFA Considerations Download

February Point of Emphasis: FIFA Considerations link (green arrow).
These considerations will assist you to take decisions in match situations based on the principles of The Laws of th...Going

Download LOTG Mobile App

Download The Laws Of The Game 2023/2024.
This is a valuable tool for learning and staying up to date with all the current LOTG. Most referees will review questions or concerns at halfti...Going

2024 How To Re-Certify Video Instructions

To recertify for 2024 use the green arrow link below for detailed video instructions (Passcode: H$My8q5w).

The online clinic takes about two hours to ...Going

ECNL Referee Protocol & Procedures

ECNL Referees:
Please review the protocol and procedures for ECNL Match Day. Be aware of their special rules and protocols for length of halves, subs, head injuries and such.

DPL Referee Protocol & Procedures

DPL Referees: please review the protocol and procedures for DPL Match Day. Be aware of their special rules and protocols for length of halves, subs, head injuries and such.

* Match Length
- U13 U14 and U15 two 40-minute halves with 10-minute halftime
- U16, U17 and U19 two 45-minute halves with a 15-minute halftime

* Substitutions
- All matches will have a maximum of seven (7) substitutes per half with no re- entry per half
- Teams can use a maximum of five (5) moments per match for subs with halftime NOT classified as a moment
- Substitutions are allowed at any stoppage

* Head Injury Substitution
- A player who is suspected to have suffered a head injury may be temporarily substituted while being evaluated
- The temporary substitution for the evaluation of the concussion/head injury will not count against the team’s total number of allowed substitutions
- If the player is deemed by the HCP or ATC to not have suffered a concussion, the player may re-enter the game at any stoppage of play and must replace the original substitute; this head injury evaluation substitution will not count as a used substitution
- Furthermore, the temporary substitute will be able to re-enter the game at a later time
- If the player is not cleared to return to play by the HCP or ATC, the replacement player will no longer be considered a temporary substitution and the team will be charged a substitution
- Any misconducts issued to the temporary substitute will count for the remainder of the game

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