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We show the following Match Results from completed SSRA Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Sunday, October 21st, 2018 at 12:33pm PDT). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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11957610/14/2018Seattle UnitedSU SH B00 Blue vs SU South B...3-1
11957310/14/2018Seattle UnitedSU West B00 Blue vs Storm Ki...1-5
11936710/14/2018ShorelakeSL Blue Bombers vs QA Sound ...2-1
11936910/14/2018ShorelakeSL Rockets vs Bal Bulldogs6-6
11937010/14/2018ShorelakeSL Pixies vs Mag Dynamites3-1
11936810/14/2018ShorelakeSL Green Lighting vs MBL Gol...5-0
11937110/14/2018ShorelakeSL FireHearts vs CH Magical ...0-4
11936610/14/2018ShorelakeSL Dragons vs Bal Royal Kick...0-1
11936410/14/2018ShorelakeSL Blue Sharks vs Mag RAIN0-1
11936510/14/2018ShorelakeSL After Burners vs HW Chips3-3
11937210/14/2018ShorelakeSL Queen Bees vs Bal Giraffe...3-2
11936310/14/2018ShorelakeSL Renegade vs Bal Thunder0-4
11892910/14/2018SSCShoreline Sports Club Verrou...9-1
11942610/14/2018WoodlandWD Lava Rattlers vs LVR Drag...6-1
11942710/14/2018WoodlandWD Ninjas vs HW Silver hawks2-5
11942210/14/2018WoodlandWD Blue Falcons vs CH Team T...4-4
11942510/14/2018WoodlandWD Thunder Dragons vs HW Mid...2-7
11942310/14/2018WoodlandWD Fire Breathing Dragons vs...4-1
11942410/14/2018WoodlandWD Orange Fire Sharks vs Bal...2-3
11942910/14/2018WoodlandWD Sparkly Dragons vs Bal El...11-1
11941810/14/2018WoodlandWD SOCKer Monkeys vs MBL Bla...3-2
11943310/14/2018WoodlandWD Red Foxes vs LVR Blue Fir...7-3
11943010/14/2018WoodlandWd Fire Cheetahs vs Bal Seaw...9-3
11942810/14/2018WoodlandWD Orange Dragons vs Bal Thu...3-2
11943110/14/2018WoodlandWD Thunderdogs vs Bal Spitti...4-10
11943210/14/2018WoodlandWD Orange Crows vs Bal Seals2-2
11943410/14/2018WoodlandWd Lightning Bolts vs CH Bli...3-5
11943610/14/2018WoodlandWD Blazing Fire Bolts vs Bal...1-6
11942010/14/2018WoodlandWD Wild Horse Monkey Lions v...4-0
11942110/14/2018WoodlandWD Storm vs WD Silver Phanto...5-1
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