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Welcome to the Seattle Soccer Referee Association. We provide licensed referees to matches in the general vicinity of Seattle, Washington. If you'd like a little more background information about us, check out the Information segment of our Site.


If you are a new referee, or are new to Seattle, Register Here.

Are you interested in becoming a referee? Start here-> with the Washington State Referee Committee->

The Laws of the Game-> and the US Soccer Referee Program-> are helpful resources for Referees, Coaches, Players and Spectators.

Finally, please see FIFA-> for general information about the game in its international context.

What's New?
Summer Tournaments

Summer Tournament Season has started

Check the link below for a list of local and regional tournaments to get involved with. Our Referee Development Team will be selecting two or ...Going

Passing of Ben Shamsuddin

On April 14 our Referee and Soccer Community suffered a terrible loss. With deep sadness in our heart we announce that Ben Shamsuddin passed away after suffering a heart attack. He was a relentless...

Current Phase 3 Guidelines and Seattle/Shoreline Fields

Current Ph3G with local Seattle fields as of 4.23.21 Seattle Referees - we have been notified of revised mask protocols by our clients/clubs - please note the following updated policy regarding masks for all games posted on our SeattleRefs site as of 4.23: - All PSPL Clubs (Celtic, ECFC, BVBIA, and OL Reign) have applied updated protocols are required to wear masks 100% of the time no matter what the local field policy is - players, coaches, officials and any spectators must wear masks at all times while on the field including during play - no exceptions. - All Seattle United teams are following state and local protocols including any local field protocols as follows: - All Seattle Public Schools: all players, coaches and officials are required to wear masks 100% of the time including during play (there are no spectators allowed - but officials are not dealing with spectators this is for the home team/coach/manager to deal with) - All Seattle Parks Fields: masks are optional for players/officials on the field during play and required for all coaches, subs and any spectators - All Shoreline Public Schools: masks are optional for players/officials on the field during play and required for all coaches, subs and any spectators - All Shoreline Parks: masks are optional for players/officials on the field during play and required for all coaches, subs and any spectators Overview - IF YOU ARE WORKING A PSPL MATCH OR AT A SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOL THEN ALL ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS 100% OF THE TIME. What does this mean for you? - Wear your mask all the times no exceptions when required - Let the home team coaching staff deal with any issues resulting from the visiting team not being aware - Require all players to wear masks before the start of the game when required - Remind the coaches and players during your pregame on games that require masks that if players are not wearing their mask during the game appropriately that they will be asked once to fix it, the second time they will be asked to leave the field to get help adjusting their mask so it will stay on appropriately just like any other equipment issue (shin guards) and if there is a third occurrence a caution (yellow card) will be issued to the player and they will be required to leave the field again to have their equipment fixed. Additional issues would result in a second caution. Questions - please reach out one of our Assignors for more clarity as needed. *** And - consider joining us on Sunday nights at 630p for our Weekend Review as we talk through various situations that came up in your games. We've had some great discussions around stuff that happens in all our games from time to time. -- Cathy Echert - U13-19 Scott Lawrence - U13-19 Liam O'Neil - Vashon Island Peter Maunsell - U10-12 Larry Metz - U10-12

Upcoming 2021 PSPL / US Club State Cup Events

Upcoming 2021 PSPL/US Club Events Seattle Referees - Northwest Soccer Officials (formally South King County Soccer Referee Association) is scheduling officials for the US Club WA State Cup games. ...Going

Weekend Review 630p Sunday Nights

Weekend Review 630p Sunday Nights Join us tonight at 630p for our Sunday Night Weekend Review. We designed this forum from your feedback wanting resources for input, feedback and discussio...Going

Updated RTP Protocols and Match Guidelines 3.24.21

Referees - please review the current Return To Play Protocols and Guidelines with the link below. For sure review the Match Officials Responsibilities section so you are aware of expectations. Questio...Going

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Form 1099-NEC Available Online

Your 1099-NEC Form is now available on our website. Access this form through your REFEREE tab then to the ACCOUNTING tab and then 1099 tab adjusting the tax year to 2020. If you earned $600 or more we...

SSRA Leadership Team

Seattle Referee Community Leadership Team:
As we engage once again with soccer and our local referee community there may be lots of questions. Please reach out to anyone on our Seattle R...

2021 Certification Online Procedure

Online 2021 Certification is open - please take time and follow the link below (green arrow) to complete your requirements. If you are interested in working games when they start up you will...Going

Reviewing Changes to 2020/21 LOTG

Reviewing LOTG Changes Online
Make sure that you watch this presentation on the current changes to the 2020/21 LOTG - this is a must watch as we ready ourselves to return to officiatin...Going

2020/21 Laws Of The Game Released

2020/21 Laws Of The Game have been released - take a few minutes and download the Mobile App and also review the other links:

Mobile App -

Mike Carney Passed Away Recently

SYSA and SSRA Legend Mike Carney passed away during his morning jog through a park on December 7. Mike touched the lives of countless referees, players and volunteers through his tireless work with th...Going

Good news in the midst of our shutdown ... Ruby Settle

Take a look at our Facebook Page for a great story about one of our own Seattle Referees - Ruby SettleGoing

Good news in the midst of our shutdown ... Michael Flor

Take a look at our Facebook Page for a great story about one of our own Seattle Referees - Michael FlorGoing