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We show the following Matches scheduled as of Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 at 11:01pm PST). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Matches are received by SSRA from requesting Clients.

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MatchDateTime ShowShowShowShowShowShowHideFieldHideTeamsReferee(s)
1274833/6/20215:45 pmAddams 2 N/SBVBIA WA vs TC I+UnitedRef:Open AR1:Open AR2:Open
1274823/6/20214:15 pmAddams 2 N/SBVBIA WA vs Seattle Celt...Ref:Open AR1:Open AR2:Open
1274843/6/20212:15 pmMagnuson Turf 6BVBIA WA vs NORTAC Spart...Ref:Open AR1:Open AR2:Open
1274813/6/202112:00 pmAddams 2 N/SBVBIA WA vs MRFC 05REDRef:Open AR1:Open AR2:Open
1274793/6/20216:00 pmVashon Island High SchoolVashon BVBIA WA vs Eagle...Ref:Open AR1:Open AR2:Open
1274583/6/20212:15 pmEagle StaffEmerald City FC M10 Gree...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Open
1274643/6/20214:00 pmLower Woodland #2Emerald City FC M09 Gree...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Open
1274593/6/20213:45 pmEagle StaffEmerald City FC F08 Gree...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Open
1274623/6/20215:30 pmIngraham #1 (North)Emerald City FC M07 Gree...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1274573/6/202112:15 pmDelridge SouthEmerald City FC M06 Gree...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Open
1274673/6/20214:45 pmNathan Hale StadiumEmerald City FC ECFC M05...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
1274613/6/20213:30 pmIngraham #1 (North)Emerald City FC M04 Gree...Ref:Turnback AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1274663/6/20216:30 pmMagnuson Turf 7Emerald City FC Boys Whi...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Accept
1274603/6/20212:00 pmGeorgetownEmerald City FC M03 Gree...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Unconfirmed
1274633/6/20212:00 pmLower Woodland #2Emerald City FC M02 Gree...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
1274653/6/20216:00 pmLower Woodland #2Emerald City FC M02 Gree...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
1274763/6/20219:00 amMagnuson Turf 7Seattle Celtic B11 Black...Ref:Open
1273293/6/202111:40 amMagnuson Turf 7Seattle Celtic G10 Green...Ref:Open AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Unconfirmed
1273383/6/20216:20 pmWashington ParkSeattle Celtic G10 Black...Ref:Open
1273263/6/20219:00 amMagnuson Turf 7Seattle Celtic B09 Green...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1273273/6/202110:30 amMagnuson Turf 7Seattle Celtic G09 Green...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1273303/6/202111:40 amMagnuson Turf 7Seattle Celtic B09 White...Ref:Unconfirmed AR1:Open AR2:Open
1273343/6/20215:00 pmWashington ParkSeattle Celtic G09 Orang...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Open
1273363/6/20214:55 pmWashington ParkSeattle Celtic G09 Orang...Ref:Open
1273283/6/202110:30 amMagnuson Turf 7Seattle Celtic B09 Gold ...Ref:Accept
1273393/6/20216:20 pmWashington ParkSeattle Celtic B09 Bronz...Ref:Open
1273353/6/20213:30 pmWashington ParkSeattle Celtic G09 Silve...Ref:Open
1273373/6/20214:55 pmWashington ParkSeattle Celtic G09 Gold ...Ref:Open
1273253/6/20215:00 pmIngraham StadiumSeattle Celtic B08 White...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1273233/6/20215:30 pmIngraham #2 (South)Seattle Celtic B08 Gold ...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1273313/6/202112:15 pmRainier Beach StadiumSeattle Celtic B08 Silve...Ref:Open AR1:Open AR2:Open
1273213/6/20214:30 pmGenesee LowerSeattle Celtic G08 Gold ...Ref:Unconfirmed AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Unconfirmed
1273223/6/20215:30 pmGeorgetownSeattle Celtic B07 Green...Ref:Open AR1:Open AR2:Open
1273243/6/20213:30 pmIngraham StadiumSeattle Celtic G07 Gold ...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1273323/6/20211:15 pmRoosevelt HSSeattle Celtic B06 Green...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1273203/6/20213:30 pmGenesee LowerSeattle Celtic B05 White...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Accept
1273333/6/20212:45 pmRoosevelt HSSeattle Celtic B04 Green...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Accept
1274273/6/20219:00 amRidgecrest School ESU B12 Copa A vs Crossfi...Ref:Open
1274283/6/202112:00 pmRidgecrest School ESU B12 Nova D vs Northwe...Ref:Open
1274293/6/20211:30 pmRidgecrest School ESU G12 Samba C vs Harbor...Ref:Open
1274243/6/202110:45 amMcGilvra ElementarySU B11 Copa A vs PacNW B...Ref:Open
1274233/6/20219:00 amMcGilvra ElementarySU G11 Samba C vs PacNW ...Ref:Open
1274213/6/20215:15 pmJefferson Playfield NSU G10 Copa A vs Washing...Ref:Open
1274393/6/20213:00 pmVan Asselt ElementarySU B09 Copa A vs 3RSC B0...Ref:Open
1274223/6/20219:00 amAddams 2 N/SSU G08 Tango B vs Eastsi...Ref:Unconfirmed AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1274753/6/20211:30 pmTwin PondsSU G09 Copa A vs Snohomi...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Open
1274303/6/20219:00 amShoreline ASU B08 ECNL vs SnohomishRef:Accept AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Unconfirmed Mtr:Accept
1274253/6/202112:30 pmNathan Hale StadiumSU G07 Tango B vs Crossf...Ref:Unconfirmed AR1:Open AR2:Open
1274383/6/20219:00 amTwin PondsSU B07 Samba C vs Sound ...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Open
1274363/6/20211:00 pmShoreline BSU B07 ECNL vs SnohomishRef:Accept AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Accept Mtr:Accept
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