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We show the following Matches scheduled as of Thursday, September 21st, 2023 at 6:26am PDT). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Matches are received by SSRA from requesting Clients.

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MatchDateTime ShowShowShowShowShowShowHideFieldHideTeamsReferee(s)
1417169/23/202312:00 pmSalmon Bay SchoolBal Orca vs SC QA Tasman...Ref:Accept
1417159/23/202310:30 amSalmon Bay SchoolBal Cheetahs vs HW Cheet...Ref:Accept
1417179/23/20231:30 pmSalmon Bay SchoolBal Flying Squirrels vs ...Ref:Accept
1416639/23/20239:00 amGreenlake 6Bal Flaming Flamingos vs...Ref:Accept
1417219/23/202310:45 amShoreline ABal Sonic Blues vs Bal C...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
1417389/23/20231:30 pmTwin PondsBal Turf Titans vs LC Re...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1416839/23/20233:30 pmLower Woodland #7Bal Jets vs SL Green Haw...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1416739/23/202312:00 pmLakewoodBH Rebels vs HW OttersRef:Accept
1416749/23/20231:30 pmLakewoodBH Team Tigers vs Bal Go...Ref:Accept
1416549/23/202311:00 amGenesee UpperBH Boys in Green vs Bal ...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
1409379/23/20237:15 pmBallard HSBVB-SEATTLE B11 vs B11 N...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1409389/23/202311:00 amBobby MorrisBVB-SEATTLE- G11/12 vs S...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
1409399/23/20232:45 pmNathan Hale StadiumBVB SEATTLE-B10 vs Littl...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1417459/23/20234:15 pmWashington Park SCH Pirates vs WD Cheetah...Ref:Accept
1417449/23/20234:15 pmWashington Park NCH Pumas vs SL CloversRef:Accept
1414409/23/20235:30 pmMillerECFC M13 Green vs NORTAC...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
1414429/23/20236:45 pmAddams 2 N/SECFC M12 Green vs Eaglec...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1414399/23/20235:45 pmEagle StaffECFC M12 White vs BVB SE...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Open
1414419/23/20235:00 pmBallard HSECFC F12 vs Silver FC G2...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Open
1414339/23/202310:15 amBrighton PlayfieldECFC F10 Green vs Steel ...Ref:Open AR1:Open AR2:Open
1414349/23/20234:30 pmAddams 1 E/WECFC M10 White vs Granit...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1414389/23/20234:00 pmEagle StaffECFC M09 Green vs Everet...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
1414379/23/20234:30 pmAddams 2 N/SECFC M07 White vs Twin C...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
1414359/23/20239:00 amGenesee LowerECFC M07 Green vs Eaglec...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1414369/23/20236:00 pmMagnuson Turf 6ECFC M05/06 Green vs Eag...Ref:Unconfirmed AR1:Open AR2:Open
1416709/23/20233:00 pmHillwood Park SHW Fireballs vs SL Red F...Ref:Accept
1416689/23/202312:00 pmHillwood Park SHW Lava Girls vs McG Wil...Ref:Accept
1416699/23/20231:30 pmHillwood Park SHW Queen Bees vs BH Falc...Ref:Accept
1417369/23/202310:30 amTwin PondsHW Tsunami vs McG Panthe...Ref:Accept
1416989/23/20231:00 pmNorth Acres ParkLC Fast Falcons vs Bal L...Ref:Accept
1416619/23/202311:30 amGreenlake 5LC The Cherry Bombs vs L...Ref:Accept
1416999/23/20232:30 pmNorth Acres ParkLC Emerald Otters vs McG...Ref:Accept
1417009/23/20234:00 pmNorth Acres ParkLC Jets vs MBL Fire Rave...Ref:Accept
1416879/23/202312:00 pmMagnuson Sports Meadow 2: SWLC Lightning Dolphins vs...Ref:Open
1417399/23/20233:00 pmTwin PondsLC Thunderdawgs vs BH Re...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
1416899/23/202310:30 amMagnuson Turf 7LC Cheetahs vs LVR Giant...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1416789/23/20233:00 pmLaurelhurst PlayfieldLVR Scorpions vs MBL Blu...Ref:Accept
1416769/23/202312:00 pmLaurelhurst PlayfieldLVR Blue Thunderbolts vs...Ref:Accept
1416779/23/20231:30 pmLaurelhurst PlayfieldLVR Golden Warriors vs L...Ref:Accept
1416869/23/202310:30 amMagnuson Sports Meadow 2: SWLVR Bryant Bears vs HW R...Ref:Accept
1416759/23/202310:30 amLaurelhurst PlayfieldLVR Ruby Reds vs SC QA L...Ref:Accept
1417139/23/20234:00 pmRoosevelt HSLVR Ghastly Fireballs vs...Ref:Open
1416909/23/202312:15 pmMagnuson Turf 7LVR Panthers vs LVR Alpi...Ref:Accept AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Accept
1416919/23/20233:45 pmMagnuson Turf 7LVR Red Dragons vs LC So...Ref:Open AR1:Open AR2:Open
1416849/23/20239:00 amMagnolia #6Mag Mayhem vs WD Fast Fl...Ref:Accept
1416859/23/202310:30 amMagnolia #6Mag Raniers vs SC QA Jag...Ref:Accept
1417059/23/20233:30 pmQueen Anne BowlMag Fire Hawks vs SL Roc...Ref:Accept
1416889/23/20231:30 pmMagnuson Sports Meadow 2: SWMcG Lightning Laser Leop...Ref:Accept
1416729/23/202310:30 amLakewoodMBL Leopards vs LC Golde...Ref:Accept
1416559/23/202312:30 pmGenesee UpperMBL Cerberus vs CH Black...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Open
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