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We show the following Matches scheduled as of Saturday, April 20th, 2019 at 12:24pm PDT). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Matches are received by SSRA from requesting Clients.

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MatchDateTime ShowShowShowShowShowShowHideFieldHideTeamsReferee(s)
1176044/20/20193:30 pmLake Forest Park ElementarySHQIPONJAT vs FUQIJA E M...Ref:Accept
1222434/20/20195:30 pmLake Forest Park ElementaryPATRIOTAT vs ILIRIARef:Accept
1222414/20/201910:30 amLower Woodland #2 WSU NE G08 Blue vs NSC G0...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221804/20/20194:00 pmWhitman MSSU SH B08 White vs NSC B...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221794/20/20195:15 pmGeorgetownSU B06 Tango B vs Blackh...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222674/20/20199:30 amLower Woodland #7SU NE B06 Blue vs SU Wes...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Accept
1221434/20/20193:15 pmGeorgetownSU South G03 Blue vs NSC...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221654/20/201911:00 amLower Woodland #7SU NE G03 Blue vs Eastsi...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221904/20/20197:00 pmGeorgetownSU G00 Copa vs 3RSC G00/...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222444/27/20195:30 pmLake Forest Park ElementaryFUQIJA E MUJIT vs ILIRIARef:Accept
1222464/27/20193:30 pmLake Forest Park ElementarySHQIPONJAT vs PATRIOTATRef:Accept
1222714/27/20191:45 pmVan Asselt ElementarySU B07 Tango B vs 3RSC B...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222694/27/201912:00 pmVan Asselt ElementarySU G07 Samba C vs WC 1Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222704/27/20193:15 pmVan Asselt ElementarySU G07 Tango B vs 3RSC G...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222754/27/201911:00 amShoreline BSU B07 Samba C vs WC 3Ref:Accept AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Unconfirmed
1222684/27/20194:30 pmIngraham #1 (North)SU G06 ECNL vs Crossfire...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221834/27/201912:45 pmIngraham #2 (South)SU ECNL 05 vs MVLA 05Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221824/27/20192:45 pmIngraham #1 (North)SU ECNL 04 vs MVLA 04Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221844/27/20192:45 pmIngraham #2 (South)SU ECNL 03 vs MVLA 03Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222724/27/20193:00 pmGeorgetownSU West G03 Blue vs Snoh...Ref:Accept AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Accept
1222744/27/20193:00 pmGeorgetownSU West G03 Blue vs Snoh...Ref:Open AR1:Open AR2:Open
1221854/27/20199:00 amShoreline BSU ECNL 02 vs MVLA 02Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222044/27/20194:00 pmShorecrest HSSU G02 Copa vs PacNW G02...Ref:Accept AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Open
1221814/27/201912:45 pmIngraham #1 (North)SU ECNL 00 vs MVLA 00Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222734/28/20193:30 pmVan Asselt ElementarySU G07 Copa A vs PacNW G...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Unconfirmed
1221864/28/20199:30 amAddams 2 N/SSU ECNL 05 vs Santa Rosa...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221944/28/20191:00 pmShoreline ASU B04 8th Grade vs SurfRef:Accept AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Accept
1221884/28/20191:30 pmAddams 2 N/SSU ECNL 04 vs Santa Rosa...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Open
1221964/28/201912:00 pmShorewood HSSU G04 Copa vs Harbor Pr...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Unconfirmed
1221914/28/20192:30 pmIngraham #2 (South)SU G04 Tango vs Washingt...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Unconfirmed
1221894/28/201912:00 pmFranklin HSSU South G04 Blue vs HSA...Ref:Unconfirmed AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Unconfirmed
1221954/28/20193:00 pmShoreline ASU SH G04 Blue vs HS Sel...Ref:Accept AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Accept
1221874/28/201911:30 amAddams 2 N/SSU ECNL 03 vs Santa Rosa...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221924/28/20191:15 pmNathan Hale StadiumSU ECNL 02 vs Santa Rosa...Ref:Open AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221934/28/20193:00 pmNathan Hale StadiumSU ECNL 00 vs Santa Rosa...Ref:Accept AR1:Open AR2:Accept
1222455/5/20194:00 pmLake Forest Park ElementaryILIRIA vs SHQIPONJATRef:Accept
1222475/5/20196:00 pmLake Forest Park ElementaryFUQIJA E MUJIT vs PATRIO...Ref:Accept
1221975/5/20192:00 pmIngraham #1 (North)SU ECNL 06 vs PacNW 06Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221995/5/20192:00 pmIngraham #2 (South)SU ECNL 05 vs PacNW 05Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1221985/5/20194:00 pmIngraham #1 (North)SU ECNL 04 vs PacNW 04Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222005/5/20194:00 pmIngraham #2 (South)SU ECNL 03 vs PacNW 03Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222035/5/20191:00 pmShoreline ASU G03 Copa vs Northwest...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222025/5/20194:00 pmIngraham StadiumSU ECNL 02 vs PacNW 02Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222015/5/20192:00 pmIngraham StadiumSU ECNL 01 vs PacNW 00Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222485/12/20196:00 pmLake Forest Park ElementaryFUQIJA E MUJIT vs SHQIPO...Ref:Accept
1222495/12/20194:00 pmLake Forest Park ElementaryILIRIA vs PATRIOTATRef:Accept
1222055/18/20199:00 amShoreline ASU ECNL 06 vs Crossfire ...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222105/18/201911:30 amShorewood HSSU ECNL 05 vs Crossfire ...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222085/18/201911:00 amShoreline BSU ECNL 04 vs Crossfire ...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
1222095/18/20199:30 amShorewood HSSU ECNL 03 vs Crossfire ...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept
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