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We show the following Matches scheduled as of Thursday, December 5th, 2019 at 5:47pm PST). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Matches are received by SSRA from requesting Clients.

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MatchDateTime ShowShowShowShowShowShowHideFieldHideTeamsReferee(s)
12581012/5/20195:00 pmJefferson Playfield NMag Dynamites vs WD Spar...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12581212/5/20195:00 pmJefferson Playfield SMag Team Extreme vs WD T...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12581112/5/20196:30 pmJefferson Playfield NBAL Shooting Stars vs MB...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12581312/5/20196:30 pmJefferson Playfield SLVR Blue Angels vs Bal F...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12581812/5/20195:30 pmShoreline B (East)Mag Magnificent vs HW Sp...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12581912/5/20197:00 pmShoreline B (East)MBL Lightning Bolts vs B...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12582012/5/20195:30 pmShoreline B (West)LVR Fire Foxes vs WD Soc...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12582112/5/20197:00 pmShoreline B (West)LVR Ursa Majors vs LVR I...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12581412/5/20195:30 pmLower Woodland #2WD Red Tigers vs QA Kick...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12581512/5/20196:15 pmMagnuson Turf 7LC Hawks vs Mag RAINRef:Accept Mtr:Open
12582212/5/20196:00 pmShorewood HSHW Running Bananas vs BH...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12582312/5/20197:30 pmShorewood HSHW Pink Zebras vs BH Tec...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12580612/5/20196:00 pmAddams 2 N/SLC Green Lightning vs MA...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
12580812/5/20195:00 pmGenesee UpperBH Flash vs LVR StrikersRef:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
12581612/5/20196:15 pmMillerCH Blistering Barnacles ...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
12581712/5/20196:45 pmNathan Hale StadiumWD Lightning Bolts vs Ba...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
12580712/5/20197:45 pmAddams 2 N/SWD Wild Horse Monkey Lio...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
12580912/5/20196:15 pmGeorgetownMBL Big Hearts vs WS Val...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
12568412/6/20195:00 pmTwin PondsG11 Tango B vs Seattle U...Ref:Accept AR1:Unconfirmed AR2:Accept
12582412/7/201910:30 amEckstein MSLC Socceroos vs Winner G...Ref:Accept Mtr:Accept
12582512/7/201912:00 pmEckstein MSHW Avengers 6 vs Bal Che...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12583412/7/201912:30 pmLower Woodland #2 EBal Sharks vs CH Ninja W...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12583512/7/201911:00 amLower Woodland #2 WMag Krakken vs Winner Ga...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12583612/7/201912:30 pmLower Woodland #2 WWD New Turbos vs Winner ...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12585012/7/201911:00 amShoreline B (East)McG Cheetahs vs LVR Migh...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12585212/7/201911:00 amShoreline B (West)SL Hawks vs LVR Scorpion...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12586012/7/201912:30 pmVan Asselt ElementaryMBL Bulldogs vs Winner G...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12586112/7/20192:00 pmWashington Park NWD Thunder Sharks vs LVR...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12586212/7/20192:00 pmWashington Park SLVR Red Dragons vs Loser...Ref:Unconfirmed Mtr:Open
12586512/7/20191:30 pmWhitman MSWD Blue Falcons vs Winne...Ref:Accept Mtr:Accept
12582612/7/20191:30 pmEckstein MSBal Chupacabras vs LVR B...Ref:Accept Mtr:Accept
12585112/7/201912:30 pmShoreline B (East)Bal Thundercats vs LVR S...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12585312/7/201912:30 pmShoreline B (West)Bal Blue Fire-Breathing ...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12583312/7/201911:00 amLower Woodland #2 ELVR Banana Boys vs QA Ti...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12585912/7/201911:00 amVan Asselt ElementaryHW Tiger Sharks vs WD Or...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12586312/7/201910:30 amWhitman MSBal Wolfpack vs MBL Stel...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12586412/7/201912:00 pmWhitman MSMag Hawkeyes vs LVR Team...Ref:Accept Mtr:Accept
12582812/7/201911:00 amGenesee UpperMtB Cheetah Snacks vs Ba...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12584312/7/20199:30 amQueen Anne BowlQA Snorting Wolves vs BA...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12585512/7/201911:30 amTwin PondsMag Mandrills vs MBL Fal...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12585612/7/20191:00 pmTwin PondsQA Lightning Red Hawks v...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12585712/7/20192:30 pmTwin PondsWD Fire Cheetahs vs Bal ...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12585812/7/20194:00 pmTwin PondsWD Thunderdogs vs HW Fir...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12582912/7/201912:30 pmGenesee UpperCH Soccer Without Border...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12584512/7/201911:00 amRoosevelt HSBal Blizzard vs WD Ripti...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12584812/7/20194:00 pmShoreline ALVR Band of Brothers vs ...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12585412/7/201910:00 amTwin PondsMag Fireballs vs MBL Eve...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
12583812/7/20192:15 pmLower Woodland #7Winner Game 1 vs Winner ...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
12583912/7/201912:00 pmMagnuson Turf 7Loser Game 1 vs Loser Ga...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
12584012/7/20192:00 pmMagnuson Turf 7Loser Game 3 vs Loser Ga...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
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