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We show the following Match Results from completed SSRA Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Thursday, November 15th, 2018 at 8:39am PST). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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12071611/12/2018Queen AnneQA Golden Pumas AC vs WD Cou...1-9
12022111/11/2018BallardBal Fierce Foxes vs SL Pixie...3-3
12022211/11/2018BallardBal Blue Eagles vs HW Ice Dr...1-2
12026811/11/2018BallardBal Blue Fire-Breathing Drag...1-6
12029111/11/2018BallardBal Seawolves vs Bal Wildcat...1-2
12028811/11/2018BallardBal Spitting Cobras of Doom ...6-2
12029011/11/2018BallardBal Panthers vs MtB Schnacks1-3
12028911/11/2018BallardBal Narwhals vs WD Busy Bees0-0
12024711/11/2018BallardBal Snow Leopards vs LVR Blu...2-4
12020411/11/2018BallardBal Giraffes vs SL Pumas0-1
12020511/11/2018BallardBal Mustangs vs WD Silver Ph...1-2
12025411/11/2018BallardBal Osprey vs LVR Karma6-1
12023511/11/2018Beacon HillBH Ninja Spiders vs LVR ASB4-0
12028211/11/2018Beacon HillBH Tecos U12 vs LVR Argonaut...3-0
12021811/11/2018Beacon HillBH Flash vs Bal Raptors0-4
12024211/11/2018Capitol HillCH Ninja Warriors vs QA Orca...4-3
12024311/11/2018Capitol HillCH Panthers vs SL Blue Bombe...2-2
12028611/11/2018Capitol HillCH Cheetahs vs Mag COMETS0-1
12021711/11/2018Capitol HillCH Blistering Barnacles vs W...4-2
12021411/11/2018Capitol HillCH Senators vs McG Matrix0-4
12021511/11/2018Capitol HillCH Soccer without Borders vs...0-0
12072411/11/2018ECFCEmerald City FC F06 White vs...0-1
12072511/11/2018ECFCEmerald City FC F03 Green vs...1-0
12067611/11/2018ECFCEMERALD CITY FC ECFC M01 GRE...1-1
12022911/11/2018HillwoodHW The I-Don't-Know-Yet vs M...3-1
12022811/11/2018HillwoodHW Midnight Dragons vs SL Ro...8-3
12022611/11/2018HillwoodHW Fireballs vs Mag Shockwav...3-4
12022711/11/2018HillwoodHW Crazy Kings vs BH Cricket...3-0
12023011/11/2018HillwoodHW Scorpion Mosquitos vs Bal...8-0
12023111/11/2018HillwoodHW Lightning Girlz vs QA Bla...2-3
12027411/11/2018HillwoodHW Pink Zebras vs Bal Thunde...0-2
12027511/11/2018HillwoodHW Roadrunners vs CH Roadrun...3-0
12027011/11/2018HillwoodHW Chips vs Bal Seals3-1
12028011/11/2018HillwoodHW Falcons vs Mag Kingsmen2-0
12021311/11/2018HillwoodHW Fearless Firecrackers vs ...2-2
12026211/11/2018Lake CityLC Cheetahs vs WD Sparkly Dr...1-3
12059411/11/2018Lake CityLC Hawks vs HW Jaguars2-1
12020011/11/2018Lake CityLC Green Lightning vs Bal Th...3-2
12020711/11/2018LVRLVR Blue lightning vs LC Soc...0-4
12020811/11/2018LVRLVR Bryant Jaguars vs Bal Fi...3-2
12021111/11/2018LVRLVR Dragons vs Bal Red Drago...2-1
12021211/11/2018LVRLVR Mighty Marmots vs Bal Ch...2-2
12021011/11/2018LVRLVR Lightning vs McG Cheetah...8-3
12020911/11/2018LVRLVR Fire Horses vs LVR Banan...2-4
12026511/11/2018LVRLVR Epic Emeralds vs Bal Def...2-0
12028711/11/2018LVRLVR Purple Reign vs Mag RAIN3-0
12028411/11/2018LVRLVR Blue Lightning vs LVR Su...1-1
12025111/11/2018LVRLVR Killer Bees vs QA Lightn...5-5
12027911/11/2018LVRLVR Strikers vs LVR Express6-2
12019911/11/2018LVRLVR Husky Pups vs BH Meerkat...4-1
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