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We show the following Match Results from completed SSRA Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 1:58pm PDT). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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1222075/21/2019Seattle UnitedSU ECNL 02 vs Crossfire 021-0
1222065/21/2019Seattle UnitedSU ECNL 01 vs Crossfire 000-2
1222505/19/2019Albanian Social ClubPATRIOTAT vs SHQIPONJAT3-6
1222515/19/2019Albanian Social ClubILIRIA vs FUQIJA E MUJIT4-2
1224215/19/2019SSRABal Cheetahs vs CH Panthers3-2
1224225/19/2019SSRAWD Thunder Dragons vs Mag Tr...1-2
1224235/19/2019SSRABal Sharks vs QA Orcas1-4
1224465/19/2019SSRABH Crickets vs WD Lava Rattl...2-5
1224475/19/2019SSRAMBL Lightning Bolts vs QA So...5-5
1224175/19/2019SSRALC Sounders vs Mag Marauders0-0
1224185/19/2019SSRAHW Midnight Dragons vs Bal A...0-0
1224455/19/2019SSRABH Mega Mighty Grasshoppers ...3-5
1224255/19/2019SSRAWD Orange Fire Sharks vs SL ...5-3
1224265/19/2019SSRAQA Black Panthers vs McG Mus...1-2
1224275/19/2019SSRASYSA St. Johns Stars vs HW S...1-2
1224135/19/2019SSRABal Thunderbolts vs WD Light...0-0
1224145/19/2019SSRALVR Skybenders vs WD SOCKer ...0-0
1224155/19/2019SSRALC Disco Dogs vs SYSA OLF Fa...0-0
1224165/19/2019SSRASL Pixies vs Bal Cheetahs0-0
1224195/19/2019SSRASL Ivy Girls vs Bal Fierce F...0-0
1224285/19/2019SSRABal Blue Eagles vs WD Sparkl...0-0
1224525/19/2019SSRABAL Dragons vs BAL Shmebuloc...2-10
1224535/19/2019SSRAWD Golden Hornets vs WD Red ...1-3
1224545/19/2019SSRAMag Hawkeyes vs McG Mini Mes...5-4
1224045/19/2019SSRABAL Heroes vs LVR Team Brocc...2-4
1224665/19/2019SSRABAL Sonic Sounders vs WD Soc...3-4
1224815/19/2019SSRAMBL Avengers vs WD Cheetahs3-6
1224505/19/2019SSRAWD Wildcats vs McG Lightning1-1
1224565/19/2019SSRAHW Speedy Cheetahs vs BAL Sh...2-0
1224075/19/2019SSRALVR Fire Foxes vs LVR Poison...7-0
1224655/19/2019SSRASL Storm vs MBL Lightning Bo...3-2
1224055/19/2019SSRAHW Golden Bummblebees vs Mag...1-2
1224065/19/2019SSRAWD Red Foxes vs LVR Firestar...0-4
1224085/19/2019SSRASL Blue Sharks vs WD Busy Be...2-4
1223995/19/2019SSRALVR Supremes vs HW Pink Zebr...0-3
1224015/19/2019SSRABal Narwhals vs BH Diving Do...3-3
1223985/19/2019SSRAWD Orange Dragons vs LVR Sou...0-3
1224025/19/2019SSRABal Blizzard vs LVR Anchor5-3
1224035/19/2019SSRABal Nightfuries vs SYSA Team...4-2
1224005/19/2019SSRAWD Cougars vs WD Blazing Fir...9-2
1223955/19/2019SSRAWD Tie Dye Tigers vs SL Puma...1-6
1223975/19/2019SSRALVR Husky Pups vs LVR Cheeta...4-3
1222055/18/2019Seattle UnitedSU ECNL 06 vs Crossfire 060-1
1222105/18/2019Seattle UnitedSU ECNL 05 vs Crossfire 054-0
1222085/18/2019Seattle UnitedSU ECNL 04 vs Crossfire 042-0
1222095/18/2019Seattle UnitedSU ECNL 03 vs Crossfire 030-0
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