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We show the following Match Results from completed SSRA Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021 at 9:25pm PST). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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1273672/28/2021ECFCEmerald City FC M06 Green vs...0-1
1273692/28/2021ECFCEmerald City FC ECFC M05 Gre...3-2
1273682/28/2021ECFCEmerald City FC Boys White 0...0-0
1273152/28/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic G10 Orange vs...7-0
1273592/28/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic G09 Orange vs...5-0
1273162/28/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic G09 Black vs ...1-8
1273142/28/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic B08 Orange vs...2-3
1273122/28/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic B08 Gold vs M...0-0
1273172/28/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic G07 White vs ...8-1
1273192/28/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic G07 Black vs ...2-2
1273182/28/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic B06 White vs ...4-0
1273112/28/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic B05 Green vs ...7-0
1273132/28/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic B04 White vs ...3-0
1272682/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU B12 Copa A vs Eastside FC...9-6
1272692/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU B12 Nova D vs Sound FC - ...11-1
1272702/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU B11 Copa A vs Eastside FC...5-4
1274072/28/2021Seattle UnitedNSC B11 White vs West B11 Wh...6-3
1274082/28/2021Seattle UnitedNSC B11 Green vs South B11 B...9-0
1274062/28/2021Seattle UnitedNE B10 Blue vs SH B10 Blue4-2
1274092/28/2021Seattle UnitedSouth B10 White vs West B10 ...1-1
1274102/28/2021Seattle UnitedWest G10 Blue vs SH G10 Blue3-2
1272782/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU B09 Tango B vs Crossfire ...3-4
1274042/28/2021Seattle UnitedWest B09 White vs South B09 ...0-8
1274112/28/2021Seattle UnitedSH B09 Blue vs NE B09 Blue0-1
1273982/28/2021Seattle UnitedSouth G08 Blue vs PSA G080-0
1272722/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU B06 Copa A vs Eastside FC...2-0
1272772/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU B06 Tango B vs Harbor Pre...1-0
1272662/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU B06 Samba C vs Atletico d...2-5
1274052/28/2021Seattle UnitedSH G06 Blue vs NE G06 Blue0-0
1272762/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU B05 Copa A vs FWFC B05 Bl...2-1
1273972/28/2021Seattle UnitedNSC B05 White vs West B05 Bl...0-0
1272752/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU B04 Copa A vs PacNW B04 B...5-2
1272712/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU G04 Copa A vs Washington ...0-2
1272742/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU G02 Copa A vs Washington ...0-3
1272732/28/2021Seattle UnitedSU B02 Nova vs 3RSC B02/03 B...1-0
1274712/27/2021BVBIA WABVBIA WA Verrou B08/09 vs St...6-1
1274722/27/2021BVBIA WABVBIA WA Verrou B07 Yellow v...7-0
1274732/27/2021BVBIA WABVBIA WA B04 VASHON vs EW Su...4-2
1273722/27/2021ECFCEmerald City FC M10 Green vs...1-8
1273742/27/2021ECFCEmeral City M09 Green vs Tit...2-3
1273732/27/2021ECFCEmerald City FC F09 Green vs...3-1
1273752/27/2021ECFCEmerald City F09 White vs IS...1-2
1273762/27/2021ECFCEmerald City M08 Green vs Ti...0-3
1273622/27/2021ECFCEmerald City FC M07 White vs...2-2
1273712/27/2021ECFCEmerald City FC ECFC M05 Gre...1-2
1273662/27/2021ECFCEmerald City FC M02 Green vs...0-4
1273782/27/2021OL Reign AcademyOL Reign Academy 08 Bleue vs...0-1
1273602/27/2021OL Reign AcademyOL Reign Academy 06 vs ISC ...1-0
1273612/27/2021OL Reign AcademyOL Reign Academy 05 vs ISC ...1-0
1272972/27/2021Seattle CelticSeattle Celtic B10 Green vs ...1-0
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