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We show the following Match Results from completed SSRA Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Friday, January 18th, 2019 at 7:39am PST). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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1213021/13/2019Eclipse FCEclipse B02 vs Fury B01 Blac...1-4
1212691/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH B09 Blue vs B09 Force_...3-1
1212681/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU South B09 Blue vs Cascade...0-3
1212811/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B08 Blue vs Crossfir...1-0
1212651/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU South B08 Blue vs HSC Fal...3-1
1212831/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU West G08 Blue vs Cascade ...1-1
1212821/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B08 White vs FWFC B0...4-0
1212721/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU NE B08 Blue vs Kent Unite...1-3
1212771/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU South G08 Blue vs Crossfi...1-0
1212771/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU South G08 Blue vs Crossfi...1-0
1213111/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU G08 Tango B vs Eastside G...0-1
1212751/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU NE G08 Blue vs BUFC G08 C...4-1
1212711/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH G08 Blue vs MVP Maraud...4-0
1212741/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH B07 Blue vs NSC Barca ...3-0
1212731/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B07 Blue vs SU SH B0...3-1
1212781/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU South B07 White vs MIFC M...1-5
1212791/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU South G07 Blue vs Southla...0-2
1212611/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B06 Blue vs Kent Uni...2-0
1212561/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B06 White vs Newport...5-0
1212661/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU G05 Copa A vs 3RSC G05 RC...0-2
1212571/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU B04 Tango B vs Eastside F...2-1
1212581/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU B04 Samba C vs Whatcom FC...1-3
1212671/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU G04 Copa A vs PacNW G04 M...1-1
1212801/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU South G04 Blue vs Rush Se...2-0
1212761/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH B03 Blue vs Bainbridge...4-0
1212621/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU G03 Copa A vs Blackhills ...2-0
1212701/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH B02 Blue vs Lake Hills...2-2
1212551/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU South B02 White vs RSA El...3-0
1212641/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B02 White vs BUFC B0...8-0
1212601/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU NE B02 Blue vs MIFC Range...3-0
1212631/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B02 Blue vs Bainbrid...6-2
1212591/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU G02 Tango B vs Whatcom FC...6-2
1212541/13/2019Seattle UnitedSU South B01 Blue vs MIFC Sh...2-1
1212331/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU B10 Tango B vs WPFC B10 B...6-5
1213121/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU G10 Tango B vs G10 Surf0-4
1212361/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH B09 Blue vs Newport FC...1-4
1212531/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B09 Blue vs NSC BU10...0-3
1212311/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU West G09 Blue vs NSC G09 ...0-0
1212521/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B09 White vs MVP Rap...4-3
1212351/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH B09 White vs Newport F...2-1
1212321/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU South G09 Blue vs MVP Mar...6-1
1212241/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B08 Blue vs MIFC Thu...3-1
1212461/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH B08 Blue vs RSA Elite ...5-0
1212231/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU G08 Copa A vs NorthWest U...6-1
1212471/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH B08 White vs RSA Union...6-0
1212281/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU B08 Tango B vs GS Surf B0...4-4
1212261/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU B08 Nova D vs SU B08 Samb...1-3
1212491/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH G07 Blue vs NSC G07 Wh...2-1
1212451/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU West B07 Blue vs BUFC B07...0-1
1212501/12/2019Seattle UnitedSU SH B07 White vs Rush Sele...4-2
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