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We show the following Match Results from completed SSRA Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Thursday, December 5th, 2019 at 4:11pm PST). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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12580012/4/2019City TLVR Ninja Maniacs vs Bal Red...0-3
12579112/4/2019City TBal Arugala Dragons vs Mag M...0-7
12578912/4/2019City TBal Fire Hawks vs MBL Jackra...0-1
12579612/4/2019City TLC Cheetahs vs HW Midnight D...4-5
12580212/4/2019City TMag Panda Warriors vs SL Blu...0-4
12579812/4/2019City TLC Jaguars vs SL Cosmos3-1
12580112/4/2019City TBal Wolfpack vs LVR Banana B...0-3
12578812/4/2019City TMBL Stellar Jays vs QA Tiger...1-2
12579012/4/2019City TLVR Ninjas vs WD Cheetahs8-7
12579712/4/2019City THW Tiger Sharks vs Mag Hawke...2-1
12579212/4/2019City TLVR Team Broccoli vs WD Oran...3-5
12580312/4/2019City TBal Dragons vs McG Great Whi...5-6
12579912/4/2019City TSL Tigers vs SL Jets3-1
12580412/4/2019City TLVR Fireworks vs HW Shooting...0-1
12580512/4/2019City TLVR Sounder Girls vs LVR Lig...1-2
12578512/4/2019City TBal Shooting Stars vs CH Spa...2-1
12579412/4/2019City TWD Swarmettes vs Bal Rapids1-0
12579312/4/2019City TBal Sharks vs WD Cougars6-1
12578712/4/2019City TBH Rage vs LVR Zebras0-2
12578612/4/2019City TBal Riptide vs MBL Dragons2-1
12579512/4/2019City TWD Super Kickers vs SL Huski...0-3
12577012/3/2019City TMcG Raptors vs CH Ninja Warr...1-2
12577212/3/2019City TMcG Cheetahs vs HW Avengers ...2-1
12578312/3/2019City TLVR Red Dragons vs WD Blue F...1-3
12578112/3/2019City TLVR Scorpions vs LVR Lightni...1-0
12577612/3/2019City TWD Thunder Sharks vs SL Hawk...0-5
12577412/3/2019City TLVR Mighty Marmots vs Bal Ch...5-3
12577312/3/2019City TMcG Lightning vs HW Speedy C...1-5
12578412/3/2019City TMBL Thunderbolts vs Bal Elec...0-1
12577712/3/2019City TWD Soccer Llamas vs HW Golde...2-1
12578212/3/2019City TLVR Icicles vs BAL Flash!2-1
12577112/3/2019City TBAL Shooting Stars vs MBL Li...2-3
12577512/3/2019City TLVR Ursa Majors vs LVR Blue ...3-0
12577812/3/2019City TMag COMETS vs QA Kickin' Kan...0-2
12577912/3/2019City TMag RAIN vs WD Busy Bees3-2
12576512/3/2019City TBH Tecos vs Bal Narwhals6-0
12576412/3/2019City TBH Diving Dolphins vs LVR Su...6-1
12576612/3/2019City TLVR Darth vs MBL Evergreen0-2
12576912/3/2019City TWD Riptide vs WD Tiger Shark...4-0
12576712/3/2019City TMag Jet City Falcons vs Bal ...2-4
12576812/3/2019City TWS Valkyries vs WD Wild Hors...3-0
12575712/2/2019City TBal Defenders vs LVR Skybend...0-3
12575612/2/2019City TLVR Fire Horses vs Bal Fierc...0-7
12575412/2/2019City TWD Sparkly Dragons vs Mag Aw...4-1
12575812/2/2019City TBal Chupacabras vs Bal Blue ...4-5
12576012/2/2019City TCH Magical Unicorns vs LVR B...1-0
12575312/2/2019City TWD The Lightning Tigers vs B...5-0
12576112/2/2019City TMcG Thundercats vs SL Green ...7-3
12576212/2/2019City THW Firehawks vs Bal Rangers0-1
12576312/2/2019City TLVR Argonauts vs Bal Spittin...0-3
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