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We show the following Match Results from completed SSRA Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 at 5:07am PST). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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12110112/16/2018Seattle UnitedSU SH B08 White vs Bainbridg...1-2
12109912/16/2018Seattle UnitedSU NE B03 Blue vs NSC B03 Gr...3-1
12110012/16/2018Seattle UnitedSU G03 Copa A vs PacNW G03 M...1-0
12100312/15/2018City TBAL Turf Monkeys vs QA Tiger...7-0
12100512/15/2018City THW Dynamite vs LVR Team Broc...3-2
12100712/15/2018City THW Speedy Cheetahs vs BH Tec...0-8
12100912/15/2018City TLVR Blue Angels vs LVR Fire ...1-2
12100612/15/2018City TWD Fire Cheetahs vs BH Tecos...4-0
12100812/15/2018City TMBL Falcons vs Bal Spitting ...2-1
12100212/15/2018City TBal Thunderbirds vs QA Kicki...0-1
12100412/15/2018City TLVR Purple Reign vs WD Busy ...2-0
12099912/15/2018City TMag Fireballs vs Bal Blizzar...1-2
12099812/15/2018City TWD Lightning Bolts vs WD Cou...1-2
12099212/15/2018City TLVR Cosmos II vs MAG Pumas1-2
12099712/15/2018City TLVR Husky Pups vs MBL Golden...2-0
12099612/15/2018City TMBL Dragons vs Bal Riptide0-1
12099412/15/2018City TWD Rainbow Scorpions vs WD W...2-3
12099312/15/2018City TMcG Matrix vs QA Black Laser...0-2
12100012/15/2018City TWD Bulldogs vs Bal Red Devil...2-1
12100112/15/2018City TWS Valkyries vs Bal Osprey1-2
12108812/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU South B07 Blue vs Kent Un...1-3
12108912/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU NE G07 Blue vs Southlake ...0-4
12109712/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU SH G07 Blue vs BIFC G07 B...0-1
12109012/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU West G05 Blue vs Rush Sel...1-1
12109312/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU G04 Copa A vs Washington ...1-2
12109612/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU SH G04 Blue vs HSA Select...1-1
12109112/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU SH G03 Blue vs SU West G0...0-0
12109512/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU NE G03 Blue vs IFC G03 Sh...0-2
12109812/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU B01 Tango B vs Kitsap All...0-0
12109412/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU SH G00 Blue vs SU West G0...2-1
12109212/15/2018Seattle UnitedSU West G00 Blue vs Kent Uni...0-0
12098912/13/2018City TQA Tigers vs MBL Stellar Jay...3-2
12098812/13/2018City TQA Kickin Kangaroos vs HW Ru...1-0
12099012/13/2018City TBal Thunder vs MAG Pumas0-4
12099112/13/2018City TBal Riptide vs BH Tecos U155-1
12098012/12/2018City TBAL Flash! vs BH Tecos GU111-5
12098212/12/2018City TWD Soccer Llamas vs LVR Fire...0-2
12098312/12/2018City TBAL Rangers vs BH Tecos BU122-4
12098112/12/2018City TLVR Sounder Girls vs WD Busy...1-2
12098512/12/2018City TBal Blizzard vs Mag Jet City...6-0
12098712/12/2018City TBal Shooting Stars vs WD Swa...1-0
12098612/12/2018City TQA Sonic Panthers vs QA Blac...2-2
12097912/12/2018City TMcG Marauders vs Bal Red Dev...0-1
12098412/12/2018City TBal Osprey vs WD Tigers1-0
12097512/11/2018City TBAL Wolfpack vs QA Tigers1-2
12097812/11/2018City TMcG Great White Sharks vs LV...1-2
12097712/11/2018City TBAL Turf Monkeys vs MBL Stel...3-0
12097412/11/2018City TBal Spitting Cobras of Doom ...3-0
12097312/11/2018City TWD Cougars vs CH Blistering ...3-2
12097212/11/2018City TBH Meerkats vs MBL Golden Ea...1-3
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